Anonymous asked: i love you too B) stay beautiful ok? and dont take shit from anyone!!!

i don’t!! not anymore!!!!

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Anonymous asked: i used to be a mystery anon of yours and i comforted you about the person who was mean to you about your tattoo i think we talked once on skype and i deleted my blog twice or so idk but i found your url again and i wanted to say i hope youre doing well!

I remember you!! you’re wonderful hope everything with you is well love you!

i cried for like 4 hours on and off because i’ve eaten every variation of eggs that is known to man these past two months OVER AND OVER AGAIN and i really wanted a pizza :-(

i hope they’re serving fruit platters at work tomorrow so i don’t need to kill anyone for a fucking piece of fruit

*eats more dinner so i don’t have to eat breakfast but i won’t pass out at work* :~)

wow is still as bland as ever i see ;-(